Malissa K. Misch

A professional safety instructor and entrepreneur, who empowers people to take responsibility for their own safety and protection.

Malissa became an instructor to provide all her trainees the same confidence that she has in a threatening situation or when facing a violent intruder. Her confidence comes from a mindset of awareness, mental preparation, physical practice, possession and knowledge of specific tools and a habit of caution.

All to often people, especially women, say that they do not know what they would do in a threatening situation. Malissa is changing that mindset! She is passionate about teaching simple ways to better protect individuals, families, schools, businesses and organizations.

In addition to the training Malissa individually facilitates, she partners with some of the most effective trainers in the world of personal protection, to bring you the most cutting edge, effective forms of defense against criminal activity and attack.

Malissa likes to have fun in her trainings as well as in her downtime. She prides herself in her part of the growth and development in others.


  • Certified to teach Concealed Carry (CCW) permit to carry classes
  • NRA Certified Instructor
    • Certified Pistol
    • Personal Protection Inside The Home
    • Refuse To Be A Victim
  • USCCA Certified Instructor
  • ALICE (Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate) Certified Instructor Active Shooter Emergency Training


  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim
  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor Course Graduate
  • NRA Pistol Shooting Course
  • NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
  • Front Sight Defensive Handgun Course
  • ALICE E-Learning Course
  • ALICE Instructor Certification Training
  • Private Training with Robert Llanis
    • Firearm Safety Training
    • Handgun Handling and Shooting Skills
    • Handguns Shooting Skill Building
  • Student of Krav Maga since 2011
  • US Army Defensive Handgun Instruction
  • US Navy Long Range Handgun Training