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Malissa is very professional and caring. She showed me a couple of moves I can do with my body in my car. She also taught me how to carry and maneuver a stun gun. She provides helpful and easy to remember methods for protection. I recommend contacting Malissa for advice and ideas to use right away!

Malissa did a great job with the class. I had taken one before from a very reputable company but I felt much more comfortable and confident after hers. The private class environment was a definite bonus.

Great class! Malissa is very knowledgeable, a great teacher! Questions are encouraged and safety is her #1 priority. I will be taking additional classes, highly recommend!

This class was great! This was a smart, safe, responsible concealed carry course! I feel empowered! I look forward to taking a personal defense course with Malissa

I had a wonderful educational experience yesterday night! Malissa was awesome, I went in there feeling nervous with no background of handling a hang gun. Malissa made me feel confident and showed me the importance of safety! I highly recommend this place.

Malissa and the entire staff did a great job, first covering the psychology and mindset associated with protection and why it is needed – followed by “nutrient-dense” training, techniques and habits that can be put to use immediately.

I highly recommend Malissa and the work she does. I spent 2.5 hours with her tonight in a Women’s Beginner Handgun class. Malissa has great depth of skill and a delivery style that is conducive to learning. As she teaches she balances humor and drop dead seriousness. In addition, her passion for personal empowerment is evident in classroom interaction.

Awesome class, extremely easy to sign up. Our instructor was super nice and would answer pretty much any questions the class had. Malissa was very laid back but an excellent teacher! It’s very important information they are teaching there. We plan to revisit for other classes in the coming year!

My boyfriend and I took the concealed carry class and not only did we learn a ton about the laws and scenarios of concealed carrying, but also about handguns themselves!! I have already recommended the class to others!

I attended a concealed carry class with Malissa. She is an excellent teacher and I felt very comfortable with going forward with my concealed carry permit. I enjoyed the women-only class. Malissa included 
information on self defense and awareness that I don’t think is part of a normal concealed carry class. 
I followed up with a beginners handgun class and again was very happy with the class. I left feeling very comfortable with a handgun. I highly recommend Malissa and her organization. I plan on taking a self defense class in January.

Thank you for the great Concealed carry class. I learned a lot about your responsibility when you carry, Malissa is a great instructor who loves what she does. That makes the learning easy. I will be recommending friends and family to take classes at MK Protection. Thanks!