Milwaukee Woman Attempts to Stop Sexual Assault with Her Warning Shots

Milwaukee Wisconsin DGU

Wisconsinites may be the most Midwestern of the Midwest states’ citizens. We help each other when we’re down, defend our neighbors, and most of us have some guns in our homes. Thankfully for a Milwaukee mail carrier, a fellow citizen showed these Midwestern attributes when the mail carrier was nearly sexually assaulted.

This incident occurred on the morning of January 24th on the west side of Milwaukee when a mail carrier, whose name is not yet being released was parked at the intersection of 32nd and Wells Street and began doing her local rounds of the area on foot, delivering mail to the residents of the area.

But something was going terribly wrong. It is unknown how the event really got started, but due to eyewitness reports, folks in the neighborhood saw the mail carrier screaming in terror while being chased by a male assailant.

Luckily for the mail carrier, another citizen wasn’t about to let her become victimized by her chaser. Local resident Ashanti East was interviewed about what followed in a statement to local media.

“I heard some gunshots like three or four and I jumped right over my baby while it was happening and I was scared. Trying to be nosey, looked out the window, ran through the building, ran out the door and be nosey and I saw her crawling towards the mail truck,”

What Ashanti heard was a watchful protector firing their gun into the ground in an attempt to scare off the assailant.

“She really wasn’t trying to shoot at him, but she’s basically letting him know I will shoot you.” Trina Harris, another witness to the incident stated in her interview. But even that didn’t fully cur the attacker. Even after the firing of the citizen’s firearm, the attacker attempted to assault the mail carrier.

But luckily the neighborhood of Wisconsinites had already taken care of a backup plan to bring down the assaulter. The most useful. The police. And as the police finally arrived, the assailant made a break for escape but was quickly subdued.

Due to the combination of assistance between the police and the citizens both armed and unarmed, the mail carrier is now safe and sound while another evil attacker is behind bars. Just goes to show how effective a thoughtful and vigilant group of citizens can be.

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