Milwaukee MachineTool Employee Lucky to Have Gun with Him at Work Following Attack

Milwaukee Wisconsin Shooting

Not very many businesses are super gun friendly, even in the gun-friendliest nation on the planet but maybe a few businesses would change their mind if they heard about this story out of Milwaukee.

At around 6:00 in the morning on Monday, February 26 a 24-year-old employee of Milwaukee MachineTool Corporation located on the Northwest side of Milwaukee’s Silverswan neighborhood was heading in to work to start his week. Now Mondays are usually pretty terrible but the start to this young man’s was even worse than Garfield complained about.

As the young man made his way through the parking lot, another young man of 21 approached the 24-year-old employee with intent to attack him. At this point, police have not announced the motive for the 21-year-old’s actions but what is known is upon approach something happened that caused the employee to draw and fire his concealed carry handgun.

The employee’s shots rang true in a quick but chaotic few moments and before long the 21-year-old attacker was lying dead on the ground.

Immediately thereafter police were called to the scene where the 24-year-old reportedly cooperated fully with the police investigation of the crime scene. Staying right where he was and allowing the cops to perform their investigation to the fullest extent.

At this point, the police are still in the process of piecing together the incident fully, but as of the writing of this article, the defensive shooter has not been brought up on any charges for his role in the death of the young man.

What do you all think of this story? Do you think more businesses should allow their employees to carry? Do you think a gun is not necessary for defense in cases such as this? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

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