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MK Protection Strategies Presents Safety and Self Protection with Milwaukee Women

Milwaukee Women Firearms Class recently heard of an awesome event in Milwaukee devoted to getting women prepared for their CCW lifestyles. The woman who ran the classes and presented for the women who attended is a friend of ours, Malissa Misch. She was also nice enough to let us know how she enjoyed her time teaching. Take a look.

Talk about being among friends! In April, I had the honor of presenting what MK Protection Strategies does from a firearm training and safety education standpoint with the Suburban Republican Women’s Club -Milwaukee. It was excellent to be among like-minded ladies in a sea of red, white and blue outfits as I presented safety tips, strategies, why we are seeing a spike in CCW licenses held by women, and how we can protect our Second Amendment rights by educating more people.

It was thrilling to hear how many ladies in the audience were skilled in using a firearm and already practiced regularly! Multiple women approached me about additional training for their daughters and extended family. What a great thing to empower more women to have the confidence and skills to protect themselves and their families in life-threatening situations!

In addition, I shared numerous stories and tips about how having a heightened situational awareness is the best solution to prevent victimization. Many of the ladies asked great questions including, how to better secure their home’s entry points. This is critical information for responsible gun owners to help avoid multiple liabilities and reduce the chances of having to use your firearm to defend your family in a home invasion.

Furthermore, home safety is one of my favorite topics as I am an instructor of the NRA’s Personal Protection Inside the Home course. That said, I will share a few of the recommendations I made to the ladies. Many people don’t know that replacing the short screw in the strike plate of their doors with a three-inch screw could make it much more difficult to penetrate and could give you more time to respond. Also, using a wooden dowel on sliding doors and windows can make it nearly impossible to enter unless the bad guy breaks the window. Finally, using knickknacks on the sill of your vertical windows will cause a ruckus and give you a heads up that someone is entering your home.

To my satisfaction, after my presentation had ended, ladies kept raising their hands, asking additional questions and the host asked me to stand up again and take the microphone. Topics of safety and self-protection are clearly prioritized and valued at this time and I was happy to deliver!

We will continue to share this important information with local and national groups with pleasure!

If you are interested in classes like these and would like any in your area, let us know in the comments below!

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