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Women Are Loving Not Your Average Gun Girls!

Not Your Average Gun Girl
About a year ago I got a Fitbit, so I’m one of those people that tracks my steps. 10,000 steps, every day, that’s my goal. You will find me parking far away from the door at Target, and happy to do a quick errand to get out and get more steps. You probably are thinking, “What the heck does that have to do with anything related to concealed carry?”. Oh, happy you ask!

Due to my Fitbit obsession, I now have a podcast obsession. Enter, Not Your Average Gun Girls.

Let me tell you about my new virtual friends on the Not Your Average Gun Girls podcast, Emily Valentine of Style Me Tactical and Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica. I enjoy listening to people with different accents, so I enjoy Amy’s Texas accent and Emily’s DC accent. Subtle, but I like it!

I never go on my daily walk without listening to them. By the way, for safety reasons, I should mention that I listen on my phone’s speaker NOT with earbuds. Taking away your auditory senses can get you in big trouble because bad guys don’t want attention and will target people they can take by surprise. Headphones or earbuds increase your chances of victimization by like 1000%, so don’t do it!

Back to my gun lifestyle loving virtual friends. My walk goes by so fast when I’m listening to these ladies talk about things very few of my friends know anything about. Not only are these ladies fun, real, stylish and feminine, they know what they’re talking about related to firearms training and culture. I love this and pick up so much from them sharing their experiences and hearing from their guests. I must admit, I lived vicariously through them at Shot Show because I’ve never been and it sounded like they had such a blast! I especially like how they always asked what their guest’s pre Shot Show beauty routine was before coming to Vegas.

In a recent episode, I was interested in hearing Emily talk about her NRA Carry Guard training. My key takeaway from her short commentary was that if someone else is calling 911 for you in the aftermath of a defensive situation and they communicate something that is not correct, you should raise your voice from wherever you are and give the correct information as the call is being recorded and sets the groundwork for your case. It’s good to get people thinking about these things, heaven forbid, someone would find themselves in that kind of situation.

In addition, when it comes to guests, they had one of my favorite people from Instagram on the show, Alysia Burrows. Loved hearing about her personally and how she incorporates firearm training into her and her family’s lifestyle. She is a sassy one and has the best red lipstick in her black and white pics with her favorite HK models.

Not only do I listen to the podcast myself, I tell all my female students about it. Just hearing the reason why Emily, Amy, and their guests started carrying can inspire and influence people! I’ve heard great feedback from my students too!

I’m happy about this because it’s important to incorporate training and experience as much as possible into your everyday routine if you’re going to be carrying a firearm on your person. This podcast gets you thinking.  In the same way, I recommend my students like certain Facebook pages that use video to break down defensive situations. The more you can see to practice mental and physical strategies, the better.

Final thoughts are, their show is awesome and rare and I’m sure it’s having great influence in making women feel more comfortable to take action to defend themselves and their families. Check it out for yourself!


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