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Wisconsin Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Seriously Injured

Active shooter

A shooter opened fire in a small Wisconsin city on Wednesday, seriously injuring 3 people.

The shooting occurred at software firm WTS Paradigm, in Middleton where the suspect had been an employee since 2017.

Police say that the suspect, 43-year-old Anthony Tong, did not have a known criminal record, and a search of his home discovered no clear motive.

According to Middleton Police (MPD) Chief Charles Foulke, Tong opened fire at approximately 10:30 putting one co-worker in critical condition and two others in serious condition. The 2 men and 1 woman were transported to UWHealth.

The victim in critical condition was upgraded yesterday according to a tweet from UWHealth. None of the victims have been identified at this time.

According to Chief Foulke, Tong exchanged shots with four officers who Foulke said were:

” … very heroic … and, from what I’ve been told and I believe, prevented much more bloodshed from happening.”

In accordance with MPD policy the four officers have been placed on administrative leave.

“We have reason to believe the suspect was heavily armed with a lot of extra ammunition, a lot of extra magazines,” Foulke said, adding that the shoot out between the suspect and responding officers resulted in, “A significant number of bullets were fired”

Watch a video of a news report on the incident:

The gunman was critically injured by officers and later died at the hospital.

WTS Paradigm, the software firm, was located in an office complex with several other businesses. Around 50 police vehicles arrived on scene as the occupants flooded out of the building.

The FBI who responded along with Middleton police and Sheriff’s Department are assisting in the investigation.

While Tong did not have a concealed carry license, the ATF is investigating whether the pistol he used in the shooting was legal.

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