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Knife Robbery Stopped by CCW

Allouez, Wisconsin – According to Brown County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to the scene of an attempted robbery on Saturday. When officers arrived in the 2100 block of Webster Ave. at around 12 p.m., they contacted a man who said that someone tried to rob him at knife point. The victim told deputies he’d […]

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CCW: Stopped by Police in Wisconsin

When two people with weapons meet each other for the first time, a reasonable amount of wariness occurs. This wariness is increased when one of those person’s job puts them on the wrong end of a muzzle on a regular basis. Law enforcement is a tough job that carries with it a significant amount of […]

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Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium

Wisconsin Changes CCW Reciprocity for 6 States

According to the State of Wisconsin, concealed carry permits from Delaware, DC and Rhode Island are now honored and residents of those states may carry legally within the boundaries of Wisconsin if they already have a CCW permit from their home state. Wisconsin has also approved the use of permits from Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Florida, […]

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Armed Citizen Holds Suspect at Gun Point

A concealed carry permit holder kept a burglar at gun point until police could arrive on Sunday night. Anthony Folk, the owner of Frost Giant Games a table top gaming store located on S Onieda St. told Fox11 that he and two of his employees were eating at a nearby fast food restaurant when he […]

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Father Shot Trying to Kill Daughter

A man is dead after he attacked his own daughter and her boyfriend at around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday of this week. According to police, an argument about money between 55-year-old Robert Luckfield Jr. and the couple escalated until he began shooting at them with a handgun. His daughter and her boyfriend retreated to a […]

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