Armed Citizen Holds Suspect at Gun Point

A concealed carry permit holder kept a burglar at gun point until police could arrive on Sunday night.

Anthony Folk, the owner of Frost Giant Games a table top gaming store located on S Onieda St. told Fox11 that he and two of his employees were eating at a nearby fast food restaurant when he was notified by his fiancé of a burglar.

Folk’s fiancé told him she had just seen someone inside the business on the NEST video surveillance. Folk and at least one employee rushed back to the business.

“I just acted on instinct,” said Folk, who ran into the store and turned on the lights to find the suspect.

When Folk got to the back hallway, he spotted a person wearing a black hoodie and a backpack. The suspect, 31-year-old Eric Elm, turned and fled with the store owner in pursuit.

Meanwhile, the employee, who had been waiting outside, saw the escaping Elm and drew the pistol he is licensed to carry concealed and ordered the suspect to the ground.

“(The Employee) pulled his gun out on him and (said), ‘get down on the ground, you’re under arrest’ — citizen’s arrest, basically,” recalled Folk.

Fortunately, Elm complied immediately, laying on the ground under the gun of the employee, and asking them not to shoot him.

Police quickly arrived and took control of the scene and Elm into custody. Employees helped officers recover $130 which they had seen the suspect throw under a car as he ran out of the store.

Ashwaubenon Public Safety Capt. Jody Crocker said she couldn’t be happier with how the event turned out:

“We’re very satisfied with what happened. The situation here was that the burglar could’ve gotten away. The concealed carry holder did exactly what he should do. This was a felony in progress. He also complied with officers as soon as they arrived and did everything right. Conceal carry holders are trained on how and when to use their weapons, and this outcome could not have gone better.”

Law enforcement officials say Elm is wanted in Minnesota and has an extradition warrant for his arrest from that state. In the state of Wisconsin, Elm also faces Burglary of a building or dwelling, Theft, and Obstructing an officer.

What do you think of this game store burgal? What risks did the armed employee take in not letting Elm run away? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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